Friday, February 22, 2008

Am I Stress??

Adakah korang stress....cuba korang tgk simpton2 kat bawah nii...

Stress usually first affects the inner emotions. Initial symptoms may include the following feelings:
Excessive worry
Internal pressure

These emotional states can then begin to affect a person's outward appearance:

Unusually anxious or nervous

As the stress level increases, or if it lasts over a longer period of time, a person may begin to feel more severe emotional or physical effects:
Excessive fatigue
Sometimes even think of hurting yourself or others
Nausea and vomiting
Chest pain or pressure
Heart racing
Dizziness or flushing
Tremulousness or restlessness
Hyperventilation or choking sensation

In most cases, these symptoms are very minor and don’t last very long. If they become more severe or increase in frequency and severity, seek medical help.

stress xelok dibiarkan sebab stress yg berpanjangkan akan menyebabkan depression...tu dah penyakit mental tu...bahaya wooo...

bila cakap pasal stress...rasanya semua org akan rasa stress...bila rasa stress apa yg korang sumer akan buat?? for me kalo stress benda 1st yg akan dilakukan adalah tido...xpayah pk pasal prob yg buat kita stress tu...then kuar pg cari cd citer apa2 je la....janji lehh layan...kalo xde jugak pg cari buku citer or majalah untuk baca...sebab my hobies adalah tgk movie/drama n baca buku citer/ kalo stress plg bagus kita wat benda yg kita sebenarnya benda paling elok kita wat adalah mendekatkan diri kepada yg maha i said in my previous post...sesungguhnya dengan mengingati Allah hati kita kan menjadi if anything happen that make we all stress...just amik wudhu wat solat sunat n doa kat tuhan mintak ditenangkan hati n dipermudahkan urusan...sebaik-baik berserah hanyalah kepadaNya....

naper citer pasal stress ni ekkk...ekceli sebab rasa macam nak stress jekkk...keje banyak lately ni..n asyik shift malam jekkk....dah sebulan lebeyy shift malam sebab ada prob sket kat ofis nihhh...i hate keje night shift sebab penat dia lebey skett..yela time org tido kita keje...time org keje kita tido...penat wooo keje cam niii...

emm ada sape2 yg nak keje service desk tak...hari ni HR antar email..kalo korang nak send la resume to me n i will pass to HR ni keje shift kalo korang sanggup keje environment 24/7 ok la...if u ask me...keje shift 12 jam mmg penat...kalo xbiasa mmg xsemestinya korang masuk team yg shift 12 uk keje 9 jamm jekk tp UK hours la waktu korang keje....

Dear All,

We have few open vacancies for Service Desk Analyst right now. If you have friends who are currently looking for a job, please pass the message to them.

Attached herewith the job description (SDA) for your reference.

Remember, the Employee Referral Programme is applicable and the amount is RM1,000 payable upon confirmation in employment. Please forward as many CVs as possible to me if you have friends to introduce.

Thank you
Best Regards,

Jack Tan
Human Resource Department
Atos Origin Services (M) Sdn Bhd

ni kat bawah ni job scope for service desk...

Position: Service Desk Analyst (English speaking)
Reporting To: Team Leader, Service Desk

Key Roles and Responsibilities
• To provide technical assistance to end users through phone/emails
• To diagnose and troubleshoot desktop problems over the phone and remote control tools
• To accurately log problems into Service Desk system
• To resolve incidents on first call
• To escalate problems to 2nd level support group when required

• Diploma or Bachelor Degree in IT / Computer Science
• Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English
• Minimum 1 year working experience in IT industry
• Minimum 1 year working experience in a multinational Helpdesk environment
• Must posses good experience and strong in problem solving skills
• Proficient in PC hardware, software (Windows OS) and network troubleshooting
• Proficient in Microsoft applications used on Win2K, Win XP platform
• Familiar with multilingual Windows XP version and Lotus Notes
• Must have the ability to resolve incidents on first call
• Able to work well in a team
• Willing to work in a multilingual Global Service Desk
• Willing to work on shift (ie UK business hours)
• Willing to work on 24x7 shift
• Willing to work in Cyberjaya
• Willing to work during Malaysian Public Holidays
• Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

emm panjang lak entry niiii...dah lama xpost kan tu yg panjang semacam jekkk...

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