Friday, February 23, 2007

me n my journal....emmmmm

emm.. i got a week holiday for chinese new year..emm why so long, i don't know.. i don't really care.. i just so stress up with the class from 9 to 5.. never been to a class that long before.. and with the test everyday..owh so lucky we got the holiday..but after the cny my schedule is more and more tight... and furthermore my journal that i am supposed to write..i didn't even started it yet... actually i just when blank everytime i try to write it... i don't know it would be this hard to write a journal... my colleagues and i had to write a journal about everything that we all had learn and done during the classes..emmmmm i'm not sure if i remember all the detail.. i'm totally lost..and i also got distracted with many things..huhu as usual, i got lot of japanese drama n anime that i am not watch yet...and with the internet access at my sister house..i am back to my old i also had time to 'merapu' here..huhu (*_*)

ok la... i'm trying to force myself to start writing wish me luck..huhu (^_^)

Friday, February 16, 2007


huhu..hari ni last sampai jugak hari ni..dah lama tunggu..hari2 ada lecture..test..lecture..test..penat no... lusa balik kemaman..hehehehe..xsabar jekkk.. macam diri sendiri je yg sambut chinese new year... huhu xsabar nak balik nak jumpa ibu tersayang..huhu nak jumpa titok gak..huhu

last day b4 chinese new year...pc ktorg sumer dah dapat internet..thanks to lan, dapat share wireless network dia..bijak tul la bdak2 kelas ni, dapat gak access internet tapi lan asyik ugut nak disable je.. xpe2 nnt pasni nak bawak wireless adapter la..huhu

dari mgg lepas ktorg belajar subjek Networking Operating System.. guna windows 2003 server and red hat linux... linux tu xstat yg windows 2003 server tu ok la...ktorg belajar setup LAN network..setup pc..macam2 la.. next time.. i will try to pusblish anything that i had learned... ok