Wednesday, November 28, 2007


huhuhu...haven't update this blog for a while... right now always bz with works and personal things... i travel a lot last few weeks and my schedule was full until next month (raya plan)..currently i am in a happy mood coz everything went well for me....Alhamdulillah

my lovely car..huhu already here, lots of people wanted to see me driving my car...huhuhu malu ma...i am such a lousy driver..but its ok..Ganbate ne ODA!!

today suppose to be my last day for this week shift, but then i maybe come back for OT tomorrow coz nadia is working alone in the morning...pity her, she just enter my team last week...i don't want her to face the situation that i had faced before.. shift end already..going home..yeahhhh (^_^)

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