Friday, February 13, 2009

Good News


Huhu. I received two good news today. I just love to hear good news in the morning, it makes me excited and ligthen up my day, huhu i just can't stop smiling.

The first news i received was from Nurul, she had been calling me for the pass few days and i always miss it. Make things worse, i always forgot to return her call, kekeke sorry Nurul. She said she will be going to UK tomorrow and I was like "whattttt, biar betul Nurul". She will be attending training and seminar for 10 days at London, waaa "Nurul nak souvenir ek".

I'm so happy for her, she is now working with Petronas. She said she suppose to go to India last year but due to the bomb attack[1] the training place was change to London, huhu lucky ekk Nurul. Nurul was my ex-housemate and ex-office mate, we both join Atos together but she left Atos because she can't stand working shift. Johan[2] also will be going with her to London but just for vacation, huhu just like a second honeymoon ek Nurul. They plan to visit Paris while they were there, I hope they will have a safe journey.

The second news was from Rozila, she said Kak Lang[3] received offer working for government (Pembantu tadbir). So happy for her, its a good thing she resign from her previous company. Congrats Kak Lang (^_^) hehe.

P.S. It has been a while since the last time I'm posting in English, I don't know why. Maybe its due to Nurul is going to UK so I have the urge to post in English, hihihihihi poyo.

[1]Mumbai bomb attack last year (26 November 2008)
[2]Johan is Nurul's husband

[3] Kak Lang is my housemate, she is younger than us but since she is using her family nickname so we all call her kak lang.

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