Tuesday, December 11, 2007

oda's life

emm today i am updating my blog in the morning...feeling so sleepy...this is what always happen to me on my first day of shift...need to energize myself up...at 9.00 am i went to buy breakfast but all the cafe are closed..waaa forgot today is public holiday...birthday sultan selangor...i am so frustrated...what i am gonna eat for lunch... i hate to go further just for lunch...alone some more...

i open the http://www.happy.com.my/ website from kucai's blog and read some of the jokes...i think the jokes quite boring...but this one get my attention..even though i don't think this is classified as a jokes at all...

If Life Were Like A Computer:

You could add/remove someone in your life using the control panel.

You could put your kids in the recycle bin and restore them when you feel like it!

You could improve your appearance by adjusting the display settings.

You could turn off the speakers when life gets too noisy.

You could click on "find" (Ctrl, F) to recover your lost remote control and car keys.

To get your daily exercise, just click on "run"!

If you mess up your life, you could always press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and start all over!

emm....if we can just redo all the thing we had done as easy as pressing ctrl+z or delete anything we don't like or even format our life with the operating system we like....emm life would be boring...coz life is full of surprises...Life is just a chance to grow a soul -(Powell Davies)..so true..i agree...emm i think everyone have their own view on life..what ever it is....life must goes on..it cannot be paused or rewind..it always moving forward...hehe

move on... as usual when i read tawel sensei's blog it always get me thinking...the latest post was about "Belajar Rahsia Kanak-kanak"...very interesting..we can learn from a lot from children..something that we always forgot..here is what tawel senseni summarize in his post and my own comment....hahaha

Belajar Rahsia Kanak-kanak

1) Mudah terpesona dan berpuas hati dengan benda-benda kecil
we adult never satified with what we had...like tawel sensei said...eventhough we already had a handset we still seek for new and latest hanset...we can buy nice cloth with fair price but we still want the branded one...($_$)

2) Mudah melupakan dan memaafkan
emm..this is tough..even for me i still remember all the wrong and bad thing people had done to me...its very hard to forgive and forget...it would be good if i had children's mind...today they fighting..the next day they will play together like nothing ever happen...(^_^)

3) Kanak-kanak mudah mempercayai orang lain
emm..we find its hard to just believe in people...coz we always had a negative thinking towards people we don't know...why he always smilling...maybe he had a mental illness..why that women always looking at me...maybe she was saying bad thing about me...emmm things like that....if you smile or looking at a children..they always will smile back to you..(*_*)

4) Kanak-kanak hidup dan berfikir untuk masa yang sedang mereka lalui
they live for the moment...have no worries...they cry if they sad...they smile when they are happy...that why we always wanted to go back at the time when we were young...(+_+)

huhuhu....when i am boring...i write to much...or maybe i think to much...

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