Friday, June 22, 2007

night shiff begin...(*_*) expected i really love the night shiff...very2 nice coz i am not feeling so sleepy as usual...but much more to go coz tonight is just the 2nd night i been working night shiff...but i am still serve the apec (asia pacific) team is 24/7 which means the shiff never stop...but night shiff is fun coz most of the team here is uk team so night shiff very lively (i dont know how to describe..huhu). Prema has been transfer to tpm (technology park b.jalil) so i dont have transportation to go to work so i asked my team leader is it possible for me to work in 3-12 shiff..actually my team doesnt have 3-12 shiff but i am still under training so my team leader gave the permission and now i am going to work with nurul...huhu
now i am traing to use the far so good, i can still cathing up but i am still cannot handle call yet coz i have to be very familiar with all the system and all the the working process...

right now i am watching cartoon kat-tun..hahaha they all are very funny and cute at the same time.. kat-tun are one of my fav j-pop group..they are very funny and they have their own talk show called cartoon kat-tun...i guest it been called cartoon coz they always do something funny..the show is really nice and fun to watch(recommended)..(^_^)

ok la..this all for be continued..

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