Wednesday, June 27, 2007

what to do..(*_*)

wahhhhh....tonight shiff only got enson...i never spoken with him once since i entered this team..he is our backup team leader..i am so cuak right now....he look bz so i dont want to bother him la...tonight let just see the emails and study and try finish the billing for the day account ok...

i heard just now reena supposed to work tonight but she got something to do so i am stuck with him right now...i think there will be someone else will be coming too replace reena tonight...aiyooo i just can't wait for j and reena shif but then both of them is mc today and selvi also on mc today...can't wait to get access to the system so i can do the job on my own..why la the technical team sooo lambat... gomathi told me that she had been asking them to give me the access from the 1st week i join the team...

nurul punya team dah start answer call..sian nurul dia cuak giler... emm i am so lucky dapat team apec team uk ni susah la..nurul ckp susah tol nak paham accent la dah la kita ni ckp omputih pun terkial-kial plus ngan malaysian accentnya camna la mat saleh tu nak paham... td nurul ckp kalo nak ckp ngan org uk ni jgn guna sir nnt diaorg mengada-ngada sebab sir tu pangkat bg diaorg ala cam dato' la kat malaysia ni...xsangka ekk mengada-ngada gak mat saleh ni...pastu td nurul ada ckp atos nak japanese speaker technical support...ala bestnya kalo leh apply tp rasa cam xlayak jek..ckp japanese xde la fluent sgt..ckp omputih pun takut2 lg..emmmm

huhu..right now i am watching the final episode of hana zakari no kimitachi he taiwan version drama... i have been following this drama during i am working normal shiff..but since i now have to work uk hour...i cannot wacth it coz it aired every mon-fri 7.00 pm at 8tv...this week is the final episode so i watch online la..tonight shiff don't have many works to do..huhuhu..this story quite nice la...i think girls like this kind of was based on a japanese manga..emm as always taiwanese always do drama based the japanese hana yori dango...japanese drama version also will be publish soon..can't opion for this drama is ok la nice to see...standard la citer taiwan banyak la lelaki2 yg cute2...huhu

lastly nak story pasal last weekend...huhu me, rozila and her housemate went to sg congkak..emm very beautiful la that river or can say waterfall la...very2 cold and i played a lot untill very tired..rozila skrang can drive quite good la.. really envy her coz i am still a little bit afraid to drive...but i think this year i will buy a must try to dive next time...ODA GANBATE NE!!!!emm i think i will stop here...tata

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