Friday, February 23, 2007

me n my journal....emmmmm

emm.. i got a week holiday for chinese new year..emm why so long, i don't know.. i don't really care.. i just so stress up with the class from 9 to 5.. never been to a class that long before.. and with the test everyday..owh so lucky we got the holiday..but after the cny my schedule is more and more tight... and furthermore my journal that i am supposed to write..i didn't even started it yet... actually i just when blank everytime i try to write it... i don't know it would be this hard to write a journal... my colleagues and i had to write a journal about everything that we all had learn and done during the classes..emmmmm i'm not sure if i remember all the detail.. i'm totally lost..and i also got distracted with many things..huhu as usual, i got lot of japanese drama n anime that i am not watch yet...and with the internet access at my sister house..i am back to my old i also had time to 'merapu' here..huhu (*_*)

ok la... i'm trying to force myself to start writing wish me luck..huhu (^_^)

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