Thursday, March 1, 2007

tribute to jung da bin.. a tragic death

“I am complicated, and I feel like I am going to die. I am angry without reason, and I might go mad…I feel like I have lost myself and my identity…The Lord came to me…I was about to collapse, and he quietly lifts me up.”
that is what jung da bin wrote in her blog, one day before she committed suicide on 10th February 2007 because of depression...i am very shocked because she is one of my favorite actress..why she committed suicide, she was a very good actress, i love all the drama and film that she in..attic cat, my 19 years old sister in law and that guy was gorgeous..but i read that she had been murdered and her case is under investigation..i hope the news was true..
"A Single Death is A Tragedy, A Million Death is A Statistic" - i quote it from rozila's status in the ym.. i like this one...huhu
committed suicide is not the solution.. i think only coward people would committed suicide, they just give up their life just because they having problem that they cannot resolve..its just not the right thing to do.. committing suicide is not the best a muslim this is not the way we solve a problem..even though we were left alone in this world or everything that we had planned fall apart and we felt that we're not belong in this world just remember that Allah always by our not ever forget that..Allah would not give us a test that we cannot bear...just remember Allah like Allah remember you (+_+)...Subhanallah..
di waktu kaya ingatlah pada Allah
diwaktu miskin ingatlah pada Allah
diwaktu sehat ingatlah pada Allah
diwaktu sakit ingatlah pada Allah

-Ingatlah Allah : ost mutiara hati (nabila)-

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